In the 2015-2016 season, the National Football League celebrated their 50 year anniversary of the Super Bowl. Throughout the season, the NFL commemorated the 'golden' anniversary by displaying gold on logos, uniforms, and yard markers along with many other things. This championship game took place at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.


Super Bowl games typically attract a large number of celebrities, government officials, professional athletes, and other very important people. The NFL needed an invitation to encourage this group of people to attend a VIP Super Bowl celebration. By accentuating the golden theme of the 50th anniversary and creating a unique experience, the National Football League could use this invitation to accomplish this task.


FF DIN and Bebas Neue were used for this project. The thick characters of Bebas Neue work well to display the gold foil features on the invitation and contrast with the thin strokes in DIN. FF DIN is a realist sans-serif typeface that has an industrial and masculine feel. These work well with the NFL brand.



Using a black, gold, and gray color palette allowed the invitation to remain consistent with the NFL and its Super Bowl commemoration. The gold foiling also helps to communicate the exclusivity of the invitation.