MIX Magazine is geared toward the craft cocktail and beer communities. It aims to shine a light on the much overlooked artistry involved in crafting alcoholic drinks. MIX offers a wide variety of content including recipes, information on local bars and breweries, and even a detailed history about your favorite drink.




Mix magazine uses DIN for the headers and Berkeley for the body copy. Berkeley is an old style typeface that has very high readability and is ideal for long paragraphs while DIN is a realist sans-serif and works well with the instructional nature of the magazine.




The MIX magazine mobile app is a necessity for those interested in the craft cocktail scene. Whether it’s finding a unique, easy to follow recipe or discovering the best local spots to grab a drink, MIX mobile wants to make it easier for you to get a drink in your hand. 




· Use the MIX Mobile app to discover near by
  bars, pubs, and breweries

· Easily save locations to a list of ‘Favorites’

· Share your recent discoveries on social media




· Use MIX Mobile app to uncover many
  delicious, in-season recipes

· follow easy instruction to craft your drink

· Watch videos explaining the process